6 People, 6 Months, Lots of Changed Lives

Stronger In Seattle is a new kind of aspirational fitness show. On TV, on the Web, in our gym and in living rooms all over the place. This is about finding your strength, both emotional and physical. It is not about being thin. Or sexy. Or “hot,” whatever that means. It’s about living life to the fullest in a body that’s ready for anything.

6 deconditioned people will spend 6 months getting stronger, body and spirit. No weigh ins. No one gets kicked off. No joy or struggle hidden. No spa-life devoid of distractions. Real people, real struggles in the real world. You can cheer them on, and you can follow along. Because everything we do here, you can do too.

Filmed entirely in our gym in Seattle, we will be making regular appearances on New Day Northwest, to hold ourselves accountable, and inspire others.

Meet The Participants

These 6 people are going to change their lives, and yours, in the next 6 months. Get to know them.


Meet The Hosts

For this family, fitness is the family business. Well, fitness and fun. Meet the crew that created Stronger In Seattle.



Who, What, When, Where, Why, How & WTF.

Photo by Tim Aguero: www.aguerophoto.com

Workout of the week:

Week Three: 4 days work, 3 days rest

Okay, it’s time to start using a little bit of equipment. Nothing major, but you’ll need a jump rope and some sort of weight. For Goblet Squats, you can use either a kettlebell or a dumbell. You’ll want two dumbells for the Renegade Rows and Thrusters.